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"(Non-fiction.  A true story of personal experience..)" - from title page


In the contactee classic, "Aboard A Flying Saucer," Truman Bethurum describes his meetings with the voluptuous Aura Rhanes, a spaceship captain from the planet Clarion.


Truman Bethurum (August 21, 1898 – May 21, 1969) was one of the well known 1950s UFO or alien "contactees", individuals who claimed to have spoken with people from other inhabited planets and entered or ridden in their spacecraft. Bethurum was born in Gavilin, California, and in the early 1950s worked as a mechanic on a desert road-building crew and also later as a spiritual advisor. In 1953, Bethurum first published magazine and newspaper (Redondo Beach Daily Breeze, September 25, 1953) accounts of being contacted on eleven separate occasions by the human crew of a landed space ship, and repeatedly conversing with its beautiful and voluptuous female captain, Aura Rhanes. Saucer and crew, who spoke colloquial English, came from the unknown planet Clarion, allegedly on the other side of our Sun, and thus cannot be seen from the Earth. Bethurum's 1954 book, Aboard a Flying Saucer, gave many details of his suffering at the hands of skeptics and a great deal of information about Captain Rhanes, Clarion and its people.

Aboard a Flying Saucer by Truman Bethurum

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