1908 "Published August, 1908" stated on copyright page; Illustrated by H.C. Edwards; Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Co. publishers, Boston; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages, except for pencil inscription inside front cover; no dust jacket.


Preface -

Every industrial army whose work for civilization calls for the qualities of hardihood and endurance, numbers its nameless heroes. We are all prone, in the enjoyment of the fruits of human toil and effort, to consider only the accomplished results, and to give little, if any, thought to the men and methods employed in their attainment. Some of the callings most hazardous to those engaged in them contribute the most directly to the home and its comforts. This is especially true of the logging industry. Comparatively little is known by the world at large of the dangers encountered and the hardships endured by the sturdy men who, amid the drifting snows, the cold winds, and the icy storms of the northern winter, brave the vast solitudes of the Maine wilderness ; who lay low the mighty giants of the forest, and convert them into “ sawlogs ” ; who drive these logs on the full flood of the spring freshets to the sawmills whose relentless rotaries speedily transform this "raw material” of the forest into the long and short lumber of commerce.


In this work of furnishing material for homebuilding, Maine, with her 22,800 square miles of wilderness, has long borne a conspicuous part ; and yet one has only to consult the libraries to find how scant is the literature of the Maine logging-camps, with their hardy crews and...

ALL AMONG THE LOGGERS or Norman Carver's Winter in a Lumber Camp - C.B. Burleigh

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