1986 "First published 1986 by University of Queensland Press" stated; University of Queensland Press, St. Lucia; hardbound; b/w photos; very good condition with unmarked pages; previous owner small sticker under front dust jacket flap;  dust jacket quite good with minimal wear.


from dust jacket -

Awareness of the dangers of asbestos fibre existed long before medical evidence conclusively established the nature of the hazard.  In the literature from the ancient world there are numerous references to illness caused by the inhalation of various dusts...The breakthrough in identifying the effects of asbestos began in Britain in 1906 with the work of Montague Murray...


This book is the story of asbestos, a story centered on the fate of the miners of asbestos at Witteroom in Western Australia and at Baryulgil in New South Wales...The story of asbestos is an example of neglect, cynicism and the possibilities of abuse of labour where employees go unprotected by trade unions, public scrutiny or corporate conscience...


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