1922 1st year edition; by Martin Johnson; with illustrations from the author's photographs; Houghton Mifflin Company publishers, Boston; hardbound in mustard boards with black illustrations and burgundy lettering; quite good condition with minimal wear; no dust jacket.


Description -

The story of the Johnson's adventures and studies of the indigenous inhabitants of the Melanesian Islands of the South Seas, whose cannibalistic ways are both fascinating and frightening. From the last chapter, "A Cannibal Feast": I was convinced, as the day wore on, that pork was not the only meat on the bill of fare. It seemed to me that I was at last hot on the trail of cannibalism; the men from Malekula had brought with them strange packages wrapped in leaves, which, I suspected, contained human flesh. The action of the blacks confirmed my suspicion, for they guarded their packages carefully, and would not let me come near with my cameras.

Cannibal-Land, Adventures with a Camera in the New Herbrides

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