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1987; Little, Brown and Company publishers, Boston, New York; hardbound with black boards and gilt lettering on spine; inside jacket pasted to cover; quite good condition of book and dust jacket; see pics.


Description -

Cat and Mouse is the fourth novel in the Alex Cross series by James Patterson. It revolves around Cross dealing with Gary Soneji, the villain of Along Came a Spider, and a serial killer known only as Mr. Smith.


Plot -

The book begins with Gary Soneji breaking into Alex Cross' home in Washington DC and contemplating the murders of Cross and his family.

In London the killer dubbed Mr. Smith by the press is conducting a live autopsy. Mr. Smith explains to his victim what he will be feeling and that he envies his victim.


At union station, Soneji opens fire on the crowd with a rifle. Cross and Sampson receive a call from Soneji letting him know where he is. Cross was expecting Kyle Craig, who had faxed Cross a letter asking for help with the Mr. Smith case. When Sampson and Cross get there, four people have already been killed. Cross and Sampson find the rifle and discover that it had been set up on a timer to randomly shoot downward. Soneji was actually on a train headed to New York City.


Soneji is at Penn Station in New York City. There, he stabs a man in the back with a big hunting knife he used to kill Roger Graham in Along Came a Spider. Soneji then escapes in a subway.

Cross is driving by the school and stops when he sees his girlfriend Christine’s car...

CAT & MOUSE by James Patterson

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