1897 edition; Way and Williams publishers, Chicago; small hardbound in light blue boards with dark blue lettering on cover and spine; inside pages are clean with strong binding; first inside page has interesting hand-written ownership note - see pics; covers have some soiling - see pics for details.


Note: a description could not be found for this work but the following is quoted from the text:

Constantine, Chapter 1

The little town of Poros sits by a lake of the sea, which is bounded by the curving shores of the Peloponnesus on one side and the ancient ilse of Calabria on the other.


To reach Poros from Athens, you rise at four o'clock in the morning, and hurry through the cool twilight streets to catch the first train for the Piraeus.


Early as it is, Greek life is already astir.  Swarthy servant-girls are sweeping dust from the sidewalks with short brooms, and the saleppi men have been on the corners for an hour or more.  These latter preside over great samovars filled with a sweetish liquid, which they sell, smoking hot, at a halfpenny the cup...


Constantine, A Tale of Greece under King Otho by George Horton

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