1814 editon; "Culpepper"s Complete Herbal", To Which is Now Added, Upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs; Published by Richard Evans, No. 8, White's Row, Spitalfields, London.


Description page is quite comprehensive:  "Culpepper's Complete Herbal, To which now Added, Upwards of One Hundred Additional Herbs, With a Display of their Medicinal and Occult Qualities; Physically applied to THE CURE OF ALL DISORDERS INCIDENT TO MANKIND, to which are now first annexed his ENGLISH PHYSICIAN ENLARGED, and KEY TO PHYSIC, with RULES for Compounding MEDICINE according to the true SYSTEM of NATURE.  Forming a complete FAMILY DISPENSATORY and NATURAL SYSTEM OF PHYSIC....EMBELLISHED WITH ENGRAVINGS OF UPWARDS OF FOUR HUNDRED DIFFERENT PLANTS, WITH OTHER SUBJECTS TO ILLUSTRATE THE WORK.


Quoted "The Lord hath created Medicines out of the Earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them."  Ecc.  xxxviii. 4.


Beautiful color images of herbs in back of book.  Very nice condition.  Very unusual.



Culpepper"s Complete Herbal