Copyright 1935; Full title: "Deadfalls and Snares: A Book of Instruction for Trappers About These and Other Home-Made Traps" by A. R. Harding; A.R. Harding, publisher, Columbus, Ohio; illustrations throughout; smaller hardbound, very interesting book; clean, unmarked pages; boards are good with some minor edge wear - see pics.


Description -

This book was written in the early part of the last century. This information came from trappers who were actually still using deadfalls and snares on their traplines. Those folks were likely the last generation to commonly do so and if not for this book much knowledge would be lost. It is a kick to hear them refer to the 60's and 70's as the good old days, then realizing they mean the 1860's & 70's! These primitive traps were still in use even with the availability of steel traps because of their low cost, effectiveness and most trappers' long experience and success with them. This book came from dozens of nameless trappers who submitted articles, detailed descriptions, diagrams and sound advice. In order to be successful trapper, you will need to know how to identify and read animal tracks and sign and understand their behavior, which is of course outside the scope of this book. But as for how to make and use deadfalls and snares, it covers all you need to know. Apparently, this 1935 edition was published after the death of Mr. Harding and expands information in an earlier 1907 version. A. R. (Arthur Robert) Harding (1871-1930).

Deadfalls and Snares: A Book of Instruction for Trappers About These and ...

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