1924 1st edition; The Penn Publishing Company; hardbound with blue decortive boards and gilt lettering; inside cover handwritten note: "T.W. Forham. From Capt. A. Nichols R.G.R.  M.C. Xmas 1925"; no dust jacket; good condition; "Illustrated with photographs, prints and drawings".


Preface -

"Once, a history was a narrative of events connected with real or imaginary things, and in a sense this book is such a chronicle, for it tells of a very stark reality, the sea, and across that grey background flit the ghostly shapes of hte shipmen of all ages.  It is a tale of contrasts gathered from bearded lips and dry, old books, and no formal exposition, such as is demanded of secientific history."

Down To The Sea In Ships by Irvin Anthony

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