vintage brochure from D.A. Matot, Manufacturer, Montana St., Chicago, Illinois; very good condition with unmarked pages; undated; cardboard covers, 30 pages.



from current (2021) D.A. Matot online brochures -


With over 130 years of experience, Matot's premium dumbwaiters can lift up to 750 pounds, providing a wide range of customizable features.


Since 1888 the Matot family has manufactured the most reliable and durable commercial grade dumbwaiters and vertical lift solutions available. Backed by over a century of old world craftsmanship, we design and build every model on-premise. Our family-backed principles guarantee dumbwaiters that last longer than the lifetime of the building they are installed in. Matot vertical lifts are backed by a level of family-value quality and personal attentive
customer service well beyond its competitors.

DUMB WAITERS and HAND POWER ELEVATORS by D.A. Matot, manufacturer

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