1970 1st edition "First Edition" stated; "Rival Towns on the Willamette 1831-1854"; Binfords & Mort Publishers, Portland, OR; hardbound in burgundy boards with black lettering on cover and spine; many pictures and illustrations; very good condition of book with unmarked pages; dust jacket quite good.


Description -

A foundational book for those interested in the history of Portland, Ore., and its surroundings. “Early Portland: Stump-Town Triumphant” is a comfortable, conversational look at the first goings-on in “The Clearing” on the Willamette that slowly became Portland.


The chapters are a mix of biographical and economic history, with a strong thematic focus on the unfolding of local townsites’ navigational potential. Ultimately the winning town has to prove its mettle in terms of shipping, and a lot of the book is spent detailing the argument about just where the “head of navigation” is located. Snyder is, after all, educated as an economist.

Early Portland, Stump-Town Triumphant by Eugene E. Snyder

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