1991 "First American Edition" stated; Alfred A Knopf publishers, New York; hardbound in ebony and maroon boards with gilt design and lettering on cover and spine; very good condition with unmarked pages, appears unread; dust jacket very good.


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Elizabeth I ruled England in defiance of convention, exercising supreme authority in a man's world. With courage, brilliance and style, she reigned for nearly 45 years. Anne Somerset's biography of this complex and gifted woman provides a portrait of her personal life and her career as leader.


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In this totally captivating, sympathetic biography, English writer Somerset quotes an abundance of primary sources to elucidate Queen Elizabeth I's often criticized actions. For example, she investigates the cunning ruler's ``sound enough reasons'' for attempting to have her hated royal cousin, Mary, Queen of Scots, murdered in an underhand fashion without the bother of an execution. Somerset ( Ladies-in-Waiting) argues that the execution of Elizabeth's mother, Anne Boleyn, when she was two and a half cast a dark shadow over the queen's entire life. A virgin monarch, thrilled by the power of her father, Henry VIII, Elizabeth (1533-1603) turned her sex to her advantage in a man's world. She ``flaunted her femininity'' with chivalrous male colleagues and used her marital availability as a chief asset in the conduct of foreign affairs. The success of her 45-year reign, writes Somerset, was very much a personal triumph aided by her magnetism and charm. A wry, convincing portrait of a complex character.

Elizabeth I by Anne Somerset

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