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by James Bishop, Jr.; 1994 first year edition; Epitaph For a Desert Anarchist:  The Life and Legacy of Edward Abbey; James Bishop, Jr.; Atheneum publishers; book and dust jacket in excellent condition.


description -

Novelist, essayist, naturalist, philosopher, and social critic, the late Edward Abbey may have been the most popular writer to take the American Southwest as his subject....and if he was beloved by his readers and embraced by partisans of various causes, this deliberately provocative, sardonic, and somwhat shy desert rat went through five marriages and countless affairs before, late in life, he began to show any deep tenderness or understanding toward women.  In these areas, as elsewhere, Bishop does not hesitate to present Abbey in the full roundness of his contrariness, his passions, his need to put words to paper.



EPITAPH FOR A DESERT ANARCHIST, The Life and Legacy of Edward Abbey

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