1944 1st edition; Hannibal's Elephants, Alfred Powers, 1944 first edition, Signed by author, good condition.


Description -

Here in vivid, accurate story form is Hannibal's incredible invasion of Italy, with emphasis on the part played by the elephants. The narrative is told by Agenor, the elephant boy, who becomes Hannibal's secretary. With Agenor and Scarba, head keeper of the elephants, we live through the early anxious days when they feared their charges were to be left behind.


During the Second Punic War, Hannibal famously led an army of war elephants across the Alps—although unfortunately many of them perished in the harsh conditions. The surviving elephants were successfully used in the battle of Trebia, where they panicked the Roman cavalry and Gallic allies.

Hannibal's Elephants by Alfred Powers

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