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copyright 1998; Warner Books publishers, New York; hardbound in Marian blue and denim blue boards with white lettering along spine; very good condition with unmarked pages, appears unread; decorative dust jacket very good.


Description -

On a small seaplane tender the Nazi expedition reaches Antarctica: a vision of unspoiled crystalline white looming up out of a cobalt sea. Then, on a small island on the edge of the continent they have come to claim, the Germans discover horror: a Norwegian whaling vessel blanketed by some mysterious and horrible pestilence. Exploring the island, Hart and biologist Greta Heinz discover a warm volcanic spring deep inside the ice, while their shipmates begin to die from the same disease that struck the Norwegians.


Suddenly Goring's expedition is coming violently undone. But for Hart, Greta, and the Germans, the unraveling of the mystery has just begun. It will take years, separation from Greta, and a harrowing return to war-torn Germany before the American pilot has the chance to wrest the secret hidden deep in the Antarctic ice - through a journey of courage, terror, and the power of passion itself.

ICE REICH by William Dietrich

SKU: BS54m
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