1983 1st edition; Times Books publishers; signed on front endpaper by author; also contains a separate letter about the book from Lars-Eric Lindblad to previous owner; hardbound with black and red boards and silver lettering on spine; very good condition of book and letter; very good condition of dust jacket as well; wonderful color photos in book; see pics for condition.


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Lars-Eric Lindblad (January 23, 1927 – July 8, 1994) was a Swedish-American entrepreneur and explorer, who pioneered tourism to many remote and exotic parts of the world. He led the first tourist expedition to Antarctica in 1966[1] in a chartered Argentine navy ship, and for many years operated his own vessel, the MS Lindblad Explorer, in the region. Observers point to the Lindblad Explorer’s 1969 expeditionary cruise to Antarctica as the frontrunner to today’s sea-based tourism there.


Lindblad Travel ceased operations in 1989. In that year, the company was penalized more than $75,000 for violating United States trade embargoes against Vietnam and Cambodia by offering tours there. Lars-Eric Lindblad later said the penalties and legal fees incurred in his dispute with the U.S. Government contributed to the company's going out of business. In an interview in the New York Times when the penalties were levied, Lindblad said he had intentionally violated the sanctions. "I would do it again," he said. "Travel in my opinion is not ordinary trade. Travel is a way of communication. To embargo travel is like burning books or imprisoning journalists." [4] Just three years later in 1992, the embargo against Cambodia was lifted by U.S. President George H. W. Bush, and in February 1994, President Bill Clinton lifted the trade embargo against Vietnam, resulting in a number of American companies starting to offer tours there.

Passport to Anywhere by Lars-Eric Lindblad

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