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1955 first edition; Henry Holt and Company publishers, New York; hardbound with navy blue boards; book in quite good condition with strong binding and clean pages; see pics; stated: "First Edition".


Run Silent, Run Deep is a 1958 American black-and-white war film from United Artists, produced by Harold Hecht, directed by Robert Wise, and starring Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster. The film is based on the novel of the same name by Commander (later Captain) Edward L. Beach Jr.. The title refers to "silent running", a submarine stealth tactic. The story describes World War II submarine warfare in the Pacific Ocean, and deals with themes of vengeance, endurance, courage, loyalty, and honor and how these can be tested during wartime.  In addition to Gable and Lancaster playing the leads, the film also features Jack Warden, as well as the film debut of Don Rickles.


United Artists promoted Run Silent, Run Deep as a combination of the obsessiveness of Moby Dick's Captain Ahab and the shipboard rivalry found in Mutiny on the Bounty.

Capt. Beach, the author of the book, did not think highly of the film. He later said that the film company bought only the book title and was not interested in producing an accurate depiction of the theme and plot of his novel.

Run Silent, Run Deep by Commander Edward L. Beach, USN

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