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copyright 1958; Beginner Books publishers (Random House); Book Club Edition; hardbound with decorative boards; no dust jacket; previous (kid) owner's name inside cover (see pic); 1st inside page has small tear, otherwise pages are clean and tight; small tear at bottom spine; see pics.


Description -

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back is a children's book written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss and published by Random House in 1958. The book is a sequel to The Cat in the Hat.


Plot -

Once again, Sally and her brother are being left home alone for the day, but this time, their mother has left them with instructions to clear away a large amount of snow while she is out for the day. However, they are soon interrupted in their work by the arrival of the Cat in the Hat. Sally warns her brother not to talk to the Cat, because, he plays lots of bad tricks. Telling him not to let him come near. As they "remember what he did the last time he was there."


But the Cat lets himself into their house to get out of the snow, and when the brother follows him in, he finds the Cat eating a cake in the tub with the hot and cold water on. He glares at the Cat, turns off the water, and drains the tub only to find that a long pink ring has formed around the sides of the bath tub. The Cat offers to help, but his preliminary attempts to remove the pink spot fail as he only transfers the mess to a succession of other objects: their mother's white dress, the wall, their father's pair of $10 shoes, a rug, and their father's bed. Unsure of how to remove the stain from the bed, the Cat calls on the help of Little Cat A, who lives inside his hat, who lifts his hat to reveal Little Cat B, and then Little Cat C. The three Little Cats go to work, sending the stain to the television, then a pan, and finally outside.


Seeing the spot cover the snow, Little Cat C lifts his hat to reveal Little Cats D through G...


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