Doubleday Publishers;  stated: "June 1989 First Edition"; book in good condition with some normal wear.  This was a library book (see pics) but appears to not have been read much, if at all.  Book cover in good shape with library stickers (see pics).


This edition was prepared by The Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation and contains never-before-published material from the diary. Introduction by Harry Paape, Gerrold van der Stroom, and David Barnouw. Includes a summary of the report by the State Forensic Science Laboratory of the Ministry of Justice compiled by H. J. J. Hardy. This story stands alone as the moving testimony of a young girl whose world collapsed around her in the nightmare of Hitler's Final Solution.  "The Diary of Anne Frank: The Critical Edition" presents a fascinating, comprehensive study of her diary. Prepared by the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation, this monumental work allows the reader to compare the three versions of the diary itself: Anne's original entries; the diary as she herself edited it in the hiding place of the "Secret Annex"; and the version most popularly known, as edited by Anne's father, Otto Frank, and a Dutch publishing house after World War II, when they removed certain family and sexual references. Every aspect of the diary-including Anne's handwriting and the paper used-is meticulously examined, providing compelling proof and historical of its poignant testament. Absorbing biographical information on the Frank family enhances Anne's personal perceptions, and a summary of critical events during and after the family's arrest-including how the Nazi authorities learned about the Franks and their secret hiding places-adds a new dimension to this tragic, still resonant story. 

The Diary of Anne Frank, The Critical Edition