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1903; "The illustrations by Thomas Mitchell Pierce"; The Bobbs-Merrill Company publishers, Indianapolis; hardbound in grey/green boards with decorative cover and gilt lettering on cover and spine (spine has fading - see pic); good condition with no markings; no dust jacket.


Description -

1903. MacGrath, a prolific writer, wrote for newspapers until 1890 when he published his first novel Arms and the Woman.


The Grey Cloak begins: A man enveloped in a handsome grey cloak groped through a dark alley which led into the fashionable district of the Rue de Bethisy. From time to time he paused, with a hand to his ear, as if listening. Satisfied that the alley was deserted save for his own presence, he would proceed, hugging the walls. The cobbles were ice, and scarce a moment passed in which he did not have to struggle to maintain his balance. The door of a low tavern opened suddenly, sending a golden shaft of light across the glistening pavement and casting a brilliant patch on the opposite wall. With the light came sounds of laughter and quarreling and ringing glasses. See other titles by this author available from Kessinger Publishing.

THE GREY CLOAK by Harold Mac Grath

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