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The Harbour Master, William McFee, 1932 hardback, green boards, good condition with minor fading on end cover.  No dust jacket.


Description -

"McFee's novel about what the war did to the professional expatriate. The destiny of Captain Fraley and the woman who came to him like a goddess out of the Aegean Sea. Mr. Spenlove, a natural storyteller, explained what life was like for a married man who returned to the sea. A sailor's spouse may not see her husband for six months. A dutiful wife must remain in solitary confinement while the husband went to sea again where he lived precisely the life he had always lived."


Author -

William McFee was born on the Erin's Isle, a three-masted ship owned by his father, a sea captain, in London, England.  Educated at Culford School, Suffolk, he became a mechanical engineer at Richard Moreland & Sons and W. Summerscales & Sons in the City, before going to sea as a marine engineer in 1906. He rose to chief engineer in ships of the Woodfield SS Co.; went to the United States in 1911 and wrote books, afterwards going to sea in ships of the United Fruit Company. During World War I he served in the Royal Navy as engineer in various transport ships. While in the navy he met Pauline Khondoff, a Bulgarian refugee. The couple wed in 1920, but divorced in 1932. He was married twice more, first to Beatrice Allender who died in 1952 and then to Dorothy North. After the war, he returned to the United States to live in Roxbury, Connecticut. He was with the United Fruit Company, as chief engineer until 1924 when he turned definitively to writing.



The Harbour Master by William McFee

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