Alfred A. Knopf Publisher, 1975 stated first edition;  book in excellent condition; bookcover also excellent condition.


A book not only for the ever-increasing number of dedicated mushroom hunters who want to make the most of their gastronomic treasures but also for the discriminating cook who values the ineffable flavor that any fine mushroom imparts, be it cultivated or wild. With beautiful and mycologically sound drawings of the twenty-one most common species and with information about each one. A beautifully-designed first edition with deckled pages and fine dust jacket protected in mylar cover. With Index and many fine drawings, and an epigraph from Pasternak's "Going Mushrooming." Many fine recipes, and Epilogue: "But when all's said and written, there is nothing better than field mushrooms that you have gathered yourself, on toast, for breakfast." Also an Appendix for Five Basic Recipes for Reference. 

The Mushroom Feast by Jane Grigson