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This is the American story of Flora MacDonald, whose Scots valor and feminine compassion once saved the fugitive Bonnie Prince Charlie...


Inglis Fletcher is known for numerous novels and plays, especially her Carolina Series. She spent much of her life traveling and living around the country with her husband, John George Fletcher, a miner.


Research about her maternal ancestors in Tyrell County, North Carolina sparked Fletcher's interest in eastern North Carolina, which led her to research and write the novels within her Carolina Series, including Lusty Wind for Carolina, Men of Albemarle, and Raleigh's Eden, among others.  She published verse and publicity material and she was a book reviewer of S. P. Women's City Club magazine.


She was a manager of famous lecturers and co-manager with Alice Seckles in "Seckles-Fletcher Popular Lecture Series" in San Francis- co and Oakland; she was also associated in management for the 1928-29 season in Los Angeles and Sacramento.


In 1928 she went on a six months' trek to the interior of the British East Africa, unaccompanied by any white person, to a region never visited by a white woman — and by very few white men — for the study of native "Voodoo" and other pagan religious practices.


She was the originator of the Junior Red Cross Hospital program in Spokane Public Schools.

She was a member of American Pen Women and Daughters of the American Revolution.

THE SCOTSWOMAN by Inglis Fletcher

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