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1912 "Reprinted Oct., 1912" stated on copyright page; O.P. Barnes, Publisher, Chicago; smaller hardbound; glossy pages very good with tight binding; boards a little worn (pic) with minor edgewear.


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The Story of Oregon and Its People is a historical account of the state of Oregon, written by Charles Hiram Chapman and originally published in 1909. The book covers the history of the region from prehistoric times to the early 20th century, with a focus on the people who have inhabited the area over the centuries. Chapman begins by discussing the geology and geography of Oregon, including its rivers, mountains, and forests. He then goes on to describe the Native American tribes who lived in the region before the arrival of European explorers, detailing their cultures, traditions, and ways of life. The book also covers the early explorers who first ventured into the Pacific Northwest, including Spanish, Russian, and British explorers, as well as the Lewis and Clark expedition. Chapman then delves into the history of the Oregon Trail and the settlement of the region by pioneers and homesteaders.


Throughout the book, Chapman highlights the important events and figures that shaped Oregon's history, including the fur trade, the Oregon Territory, the gold rush, and the statehood movement. He also discusses the impact of the Civil War, the rise of the timber industry, and the growth of cities like Portland and Eugene. Overall, The Story of Oregon and Its People is a comprehensive and engaging account of the state's rich history, told through the lens of its diverse and fascinating inhabitants.


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