1939 1st year edition; G.P. Putnam's Sons publisher, New York; hardbound in royal blue cloth boards with gilt stamp image on cover and gilt stamp lettering on spine ( a little fading); decorative inside boards, no dust jacket; good condition with unmarked pages; boards have minor rubbing.


Description -

The premise is that Arthur's youth, not dealt with in Malory, was a time when he was tutored by Merlyn to prepare him for the use of power and royal life. Merlyn magically turns Wart into various animals at times. He also has more human adventures, at one point meeting the outlaw Robin Hood (who is referred to in the novel as Robin Wood). The setting is loosely based on Medieval England, and in places it incorporates White's considerable knowledge of medieval culture (as in relation to hunting, falconry and jousting). However it makes no attempt at consistent historical accuracy, and incorporates some obvious anachronisms (aided by the concept that Merlyn lives backwards in time rather than forwards, unlike everyone else).

The Sword In The Stone by T.H. White