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copyright 1948; Harper & Brothers publishers, New York; hardbound in grey boards with red lettering on cover and spine; quite good condition with unmarked pages; normal foxing of pages for age of book; no dust jacket.


Description -

While on an outing to the beach, thirteen-year-old Meg and the other children find what at first sight looks like a pretty piece of seaweed, but turns out to be the body of a woman floating among the rocks with a gunshot wound to the head... 

Mr Bertram Robinson is a man in the middle of his life, marriage had never been something he was attracted to.  He once had the affections of a lady called Marion, however after she left him, he felt he could never love again.

Years later however, he married a young lady called Zoe and now an elderly man with failing health, Zoe takes care of the children as well as Mr Robinson himself.  Zoe is an exuberant person and enjoys the affections of younger men, often buying them gifts. 

As her actions escalate, she meets a young teenage boy called Arthur Emery and although he is inexperienced with women, he becomes infatuated with Zoe who only encourages his feelings by playing with him... 

After Zoe kisses Arthur, he falls completely in love with her and repeatedly asks her to choose between him and her husband, Mr Robinson whom she will not leave.

In her attempts to maintain her idyllic fantasy, Zoe soon finds herself embroiled in a grim tragedy in which she becomes the centre-piece.

Following a long trial that proves mentally taxing for all involved, the relationships will never be the same again... But who is really to blame?

Woman in the Sea is an emotional tale fraught with tension and secrets.

THE WOMAN IN THE SEA by Shelley Smith

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