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copyright 1943; J.B. Lippincott Company publishers, Philadelphia and New York; illustrations by John Steuart Curry; hardbound with brown boards and gilt lettering on cover and spine; some soiling on covers and spine (see pics); previous owner's name inside cover; normal aging/foxing of pages; no dust jacket.


Plot -

Ken McLaughlin's mare Flicka gives birth to an all-white colt that, unknown to Ken's dad, Rob, was actually sired by a neighboring rancher's thoroughbred racehorse, Appalachia, rather than Rob's own stallion, Banner. Ken's mother, Nell, names the colt Thunderhead after the billowing white clouds she sees overhead. Ken trains Thunderhead as a race horse, but the colt suffers an injury during his first race, ending his racing career.


Meanwhile, the Albino, a wild stallion that has been raiding local ranchers' herds for years, steals Rob McLaughlin's best mares and kills Banner, putting the family near bankruptcy. The Albino is also Thunderhead's grand-sire. Rob, Ken, and the ranch hands search for the mares, but during the night, Thunderhead gets loose and runs off.


Tracking Thunderhead on foot to a secluded valley, Ken discovers the Albino's herd, including his father's horses. The Albino attacks Ken, but Thunderhead fights and kills the Albino, saving Ken's life.


Rob and the others arrive as Thunderhead rounds up the Albino's herd, heading them to the McLaughlin ranch. But once there, Thunderhead is uneasy. Rob tells Ken that Thunderhead is a king now and wants to roam his realm. Ken removes Thunderhead's halter...

Thunderhead by Mary O'Hara

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