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1930; "or Adventures Over the Forest of Fire"; Grosset & Dunlap publishers, New York; hardbound with brown and red decorative boards; slight list to boards; foxing of pages and boards; fair condition.


Plot -

The 775ft long Graf Zeppelin Just Isn't Big Enough! Tom is approached by a cigar-smoking big-wig who wants him to build a really Big Dirigible (Big D). "The biggest one ever built." It is to be 1000 feet long and carry at least 50 passengers at 100 mph for 10,000 miles without stopping. This is going to be one big project. Can Swift Construction handle the job, you ask? Pish-tosh! Of course they can, and in six months time-or less!


Design and construction proceed on schedule, until Martin Jardine, the cigar smoking bigwig that signs the checks, decides to start making engineering changes to the nearly completed airship. His inexpert "help" threatens to sink this aerial Titanic, with only a large hole in Tom's bank account to show for it. There are further causes for concern, when Tom finds out that Martin was never authorized to build the ship in the first place.


To add injury to insult, Tom's entire family is threatened by a raging forest fire encircling  a mountaintop vacation resort where they have gone to escape the oppressive heat of Summer. Only the Big D can save them!


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