copyright 1950; collectors editon with gilt lettering and decor on cover and spine; raised band on spine; illustrated by Wesley Dennis; Rand McNally & Company publishers, New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; minor edge wear on cover (pic); no dust jacket.


from Introduction -

Man's history would have been very different without his faithful and intelligent companon, the horse.  It is believed that the Arabs in the Northe African deserts may have been among the first to raise fine riding horses....Anyone who has loved or cared for a horse can understand how much companionship horses must have been for those Arabs of long ago as they traveled across the lonely desert lands.  A soft muzzle shoved close, a low nickering, a toss of the head, or a stamp of a hoof can be as expressive as talk...

24 HORSES Collected by Frances Cavanah

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