1952 edition; full title: A Bed for the Night, The Story of the Wheeling Bellboy  E.M. Statler and His Remarkable Hotelsby Rufus Jarman; Harper & Brothers publishers, New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; no dust jacket.


Ellsworth M. Statler and the Statler Hotels -


Ellsworth Milton Statler was born on Oct. 26, 1863, the son of William Jackson Statler and Mary Ann McKinney.  The Statlers moved to Bridgeport, OH about 1864, which is across the Ohio River from Wheeling, W. Virginia.   After working for a short time at the LaBelle Glass Factory in Kirkwood, OH, Ellsworth got a job as a bellboy at the McLure House Hotel after his 13th birthday and became Head Bellboy by age 15.  After many years of doing various jobs, running a few businesses, and learning the ropes, he started the Statler Hotel chain.  The hotels were all across the country and noted for their excellent customer service and special amenities that no other hotel provided at the time.


On July 4, 1896 he opened "Statler's Restaurant" in the lower level of the Ellicott Square Building in Buffalo that seated up to 500 patrons.  After many trials and barely avoiding bankruptcy, through the power of adversting and hard work, the restaurant was a success and by 1901 he had $60,000 in savings.  His brother William J. Statler eventually moved from Wheeling and took over the operation.  The restaurant closed in 1940.

A Bed for the Night, The Story of the Wheeling Bellboy and His Remarkable Hotels

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