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2004 1st year edition; G.P. Putnam's Sons publishers, New York; hardbound in purple boards with silver decor and lettering on cover and spine; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


Description -

Published in 2004, A Death in Vienna is a spy novel by Daniel Silva.  It is the fourth in the Gabriel Allon series.


Plot -

An Israeli-run Holocaust research office in Vienna is bombed, resulting in the death of the two female staff and serious injury to the Director. Gabriel Allon, a former assassin for 'The Office' and working under a new identity as an art restorer in Venice, is requested by former director Ari Shamron to go to Vienna to investigate. He is approached by Max Klein, a Holocaust survivor who claims to have information about a man named Ludwig Vogel. After following up this information, Allon finds Klein has been murdered. Allon is apprehended by Austrian security police and expelled from the country.


At the Yad Vashem, research reveals that Vogel is probably a Nazi war criminal and former SD officer named Erich Radek. Radek was the engineer behind Aktion 1005, a Nazi operation to conceal the atrocities of the Holocaust by exhuming mass graves and burning the bodies so that no trace of them ever existed. Radek visited half a dozen concentration camps as a part of Aktion 1005, and it is suggested that even he is unaware how many bodies were burned. Allon is disturbed by Radek's resemblance to a painting his mother made of one of her tormentors during the Death Marches.


The trail to establish Vogel's true identity takes...

A Death In Vienna by Daniel Silva

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