1942 "First Edition"; The Bobbs-Merrill Company publishers, Indianapolis and New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; printed ex-libris sticker inside cover; no dust jacket.


description -

The forest is a whole different world…Felix Salten’s classic story of wild and tame animals coming together is brought vividly to life.

To the animals of Lodge Farm, the woods are a forbidden place filled with danger and uncertainty. For the wild animals in the forest, the farm is just as frightening, because Man lives there. The two worlds are next to one another, but couldn’t be further apart.

When the groups, tame and wild, begin to interact, each begins to question how life would be different on the other side. Manni the donkey ventures into the forest for an adventure, while a doe and her two fawns seek the safety of the barn when poachers threaten them in the woods. Will the animals choose to stay in their new lives? Or will the call of home be too great?

A FOREST WORLD by Felix Salten (author of Bambi)

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