1987 1st edition (mfg. code 10-1); Simon and Schuster publishers, New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


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Beautiful, courageous, brilliant, controversial, living in a world wholly dominated by men, Jehan Sadat defied the traditions of her country and culture. More than a witness to the tumultuous years which saw Egypt gain its freedom from British colonial rule and become a republic under General Abdel Nasser, Jehan is among those who have her country's and the world's history. She had a conventional Egyptian middle- class childhood in Cairo. Though her mother was English, as a girl shelonged for Egypt's liberation. As a 17-yr old she fell in love with a divorced revolutionary hero 15 years her senior, who had recently been released from a British jail. When Nasser died unexpectedly and young, the way was set for Anwar to succeed him, though not without opposition and an insurrection which the new President Sadat put down. She was the first wife of a Muslim leader to have her picture in the newspaper, to travel outside her own country, and to take up public causes.

A Woman of Egypt by Jehan Sadat

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