1969 copyright; Random House publishers, New York; Book Club Edition: hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


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Here is a selection of the widest possible assortment of reading pleasure for the mystery reader. It is broken down into : A Week of Crime, A Week of Suspense, A Week of Detection, A Week of the Macabre, A Short Week of Long Ones. — The thirty-one selections include fascinating stories guaranteed to keep the reader pleasantly diverted, puzzled, or terrified, depending on which week he has chosen from.

Mr. Hitchcock, in his own words offers his views of the ideal setting and time for reading: "I feel that evening is the best time to approach the stories I have gathered together. An easy chair, a darkened room and a pool of light to read by offer the ideal setting in which to enjoy the varied attractions of these tales. If at all possible, avoid sharing the room with a teen-ager playing records that thump, shriek and wail at you. This is bound to be distracting. Unless of course, you are a teen-ager yourself. But if you are a teen-ager, what are you doing reading this book? Shouldn't you be out organizing a protest against something?"

"So much for that. This time, as you will see, I have assembled a sample of stories embracing many aspects of the mystery tale. There are thirty-one of them. If you ration yourself and read one each night, they will last you exactly a month. Of course, you will have to pick a month with thirty-one days and start on the first. But this is for perfectionists only. I don't insist. I am an advocate of the permissive school of reading."

"Start anywhere and read as fast as you please. Now I must get back to the laboratory. There's work to be done."

Alfred Hitchcock Presents: A Month of Mystery

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