1936 "First Edition" stated on copyright page; The Bobbs-Merrill Company publishers, Indianapolis; hardbound; quite good condition with unmarked pages and minimal ageing; dust jacket poor with edge wear and tears - see pic.


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Anyone who saw those glamorous figures, the Flying Donovans, darting about the top of a circus tent, their magnificent bodies flashing in the rigging, would have been surprised to know of their athletic beginning in the gymnasium of the high school in Sentinel, Illinois...


The story of a family in which physical courage is taken for granted.  They think nothing of swinging half way across the top of a circus tent, to be caught by the ankles on the count of "Four"; but they are not able to maintain the same casual attitude toward love and the problems that also beset people in less glamorous professions.  Steve, Hilda and Nick, intensely devoted to one another, have their individual problems to work out, and these become peculiarly acute when Bud Hildreth and Christing Wagner cross their paths.  Since their combined adventures form the basis of an hilariously amusing novel, one may be grateful that the Flying Donovans lose their casualness and bravado the moment they slide down the ropes from their trapezes to take their bows on solid earth.

All Their Children Were Acrobats by Harry Hamilton

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