Andree de Taverney or The Downfall of French Monarchy; Alexander Dumas; 1896; hardback in good condition; normal fading of pages for 19th century book; green boards; The F. M. Lupton Publishing Company.


Alexandre Dumas, père ("father"), was a French writer. His works have been translated into nearly 100 languages, and he is one of the most widely read French authors. Many of his historical novels of high adventure were originally published as serials, including The Count of Monte Cristo, The Three Musketeers, Twenty Years After, and The Vicomte de Bragelonne: Ten Years Later. His novels have been adapted since the early twentieth century for nearly 200 films. Dumas' last novel, The Knight of Sainte-Hermine, unfinished at his death, was completed by scholar Claude Schopp, the leading authority on Dumas, and published in 2005, becoming a best seller.  It was published in English in 2008 as The Last Cavalier.


Andree de Taverney, The Downfall of French Monarchy by Alexander Dumas