copyright 1933; International Collectors Library publishers, New York; hardbound; leatherette collectors edition; very good condition; leatherette boards very good with bold gilt design on cover and spine.


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Kenneth Roberts' rousing tale of Colonel Benedict Arnold's doomed march on Quebec in 1775, first published in 1930.  The story gets its title from the town of Arundel in the province of Maine, and chronicles the life and service of Steven Nason. Spanning his childhood spent in maritime and fishery trade on the coast as well as communicating and being on friendly terms with the local Native American Abenaki tribe, the book begins by taking us through the final years of the French and Indian War with Wolfe and Montcalm struggling for control of Quebec. It’s here that Roberts segways from history to the main plot in Steven’s knight-like pursuit of his love, a local Arundel girl kidnapped and rumored to be on her way to captivity in France. 

ARUNDEL by Kenneth Roberts

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