2005 1st edition (mfg. code 1-10); previously published a "How to Tell the Futrue"; full title: "ASTROLOGY & FORTUNE TELLING, including Tarot, Palmistry, I Ching and Dream Interpretation" by Sally Morningstar; Hermes House publishers; hardbound; fullof wonderful color photos and illustrations; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket very good.


description -

This comprehensive book will guide you, step-by-step, into a life full of promise and change, where you can tap into the world's cosmic power to help you make decisions and fulfil your destiny. The first section, Ancient Wisdom, teaches age-old ways to determine character and trace one's passage through life. Use moon magic to cast secret spells, and chart your moon sign to help choose the most auspicious days for celebrations and decision-making. Two chapters on astrology, covering both Chinese signs and those more prevalently used in the West, can help discover your perfect partner in business, life and love. Learn how palmistry can unravel the future by tracing the lines on your hand. Is your life line telling you to travel? Does your fate line indicate success? All will be revealed. In section two, Earth Secrets, ancient practices and rites are rediscovered. Follow shamanism's wise teachings and you will gain empowerment through spiritual drumming rituals and meditations, go on shamanic journeys and discover how to heal yourself.


Use dream therapy to unfold the deeper meanings of your dreams, reveal your psyche and listen to the true voice of your subconscious. Learn to create and meditate on mandalas and find out how their beautiful pictures can help you become more whole, grounded and in tune with yourself. Finally, the Mysterious Arts are revealed in the third section. Find out what the wands, swords, cups and pentacles of the mystical tarot deck will tell you about the course of your life. Divine from the wisdom of the I Ching's trigrams exactly how to guide yourself through life and its changes. Listen to the voices of the ancients as they reveal themselves through the casting of runes. This section enables you to use the objects around you to help find answers within yourself to life-changing questions. The book will show you how to use different skills and practices in harmony with each other to gain the most from life. Knowledge that has been passed down through generations and that is now brought together in one invaluable volume will allow you to turn the vicissitudes of fate to their advantage, and help you on your personal journey.

ASTROLOGY & FORTUNE TELLING, including Tarot, Palmistry, I Ching and Dream...

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