Advance Copy; "This Copy for the Review Editor"; "Release date: March 7, 1946" on sticker inside front cover; The Ronald Press Company publishers, New York; hardcover; very good condition with unmarked pages; no dust jacket.


Description -

Minnie Belle was formerly in charge of information office Australian War Supplies Procurement Agency; a Forward by A. C. Moore - the Director of Import Procurement, Australian Department of Trade and Customs.


Preface -

The aim of this book is to provide American business men with an economic and commercial guide to Australia, the new customer.  American productive capacity is looking abroad for new outlets.  Australia, though relatively still not large in population, is taking great strides toward industrial maturity and has already acquired new commercial and political ties with the United States.  Both countries now recognize the importance of unfettered trade relations and re eager to bring into fruition an expanding world economy...

Australia The New Customer by Howard Daniel and Minnie Belle

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