copyright 1891; "with Original Illustrations"; H.M. Caldwell Co. publishers, New York; hardbound; story pages and illustrations in pretty good condition; binding loose on some pages; boards not great with spine binding partially missing - see pics; overall, a very interesting book of childrens tales and illustrations from the late 1800s but not in good shape.


Description -

first story:  "The Whale's Foe"

I heard a boy say once, that whales could beat any other fish, they were so large and strong.

I wish I could see that boy, and tell him about a dreadful enemy the whale has.  He is called just what he truly is, "a whale-thrasher."

These are his fighting-tools, - a very round trunk, nearly five feet long, and a tail, thelve feet in length, very flat, but haveing a very sharp edge...

Autumn Pastimes: Illustrated Stories and Poems for Little People

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