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1964; Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.; Book in good condition with light spotting inside cover and first few pages; owners pasting inside cover; dustcover is good but has a few minor tears; "cover photo used by permission of Radio Free Europe";


Inside cover:

It is a rare book that arouses in the reader feelings of quiet disperation for the politically oppressed, seething anger toward the oppressors, and simultaneously, a wave of gratitude for the miracle of assured freedom.  Such a book is Behind the Wall.


This is the story of two young Germans, one on each side of the Berlin Wall.  There is Werner Hirn, baptized and instructed in the Christian faith, but enmeshed in and dazzled by the rapid economic progress of Western Germany.  Out of curiosity one day, he ventures behind the bleak wall and meets Lise Lehman, an East Berliner who is an active member of the Communist Party.  Werner finds himself strangely attracted ...

BEHIND THE WALL by Robert E. A. Lee

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