copyright 1950; "Special Edition, First Translation: This Edition Limited to Five Hundred Copies" "No. 204"; Irven B. Brockman, Printer, Houston, Texas; inscribed on Special Edition page with a personal note and signed by Norman B. Sulier; "From The Library of Terry G. Morris, APR 10 1978" with original library card on back board - but no one had apparently ever borrowed this book; very good condition with unmarked pages; some minor browning on end pages; no dust jacket.


from Preface -

Last night I dreamed I went again into my tower, knowing neither where nor how, save that I traveled far.


As dissolving mountains led mine eyes and the rivered streams marked the way, somewhere between eternal spheres of ugliness and beauty, between the light and dark, between a heaven and hell, that shallow curtained space did welcome me unto the sights I desired not to have, the understanding which I prayed not to understand: the life which I prayed not to live.


I, a captive within the spheres which neither live nor die, which do not exist and yet are eternal in their existence.  That brief space between realities and dreams, forever guards my tower, where I scribe these thoughts that each may seek his light, as I, between the dark and the darkness.


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