1992; Ayta Mag-anchi translation; Summer Institute of Linguistics: Translators, Publishers; softbound 10x7 inch; very good condition with unmarked pages.


Description -

This is about the one who wrote this book -l'hc onc. who wrote this book was John Bunyan. He was a sklilcct teacher of the Word of the Creator God, but because of this he was put in prison by those who did not believe in Jesus Christ. While he was in piison, he continued reading the Word of the Creator God. He was very sad because he was far from his family. Nevertheless, the Creator God
comforted him because of his faith in Jesus Christ.

While he was there in prison, he was thinking of those people whom he considered his children because he was the one whom God had used so that they would believe in Jesus Christ. In his desire for their faith to become strong, he thought of writing a letter to them. But before he
began to write, he slept and dreamed. In his dream he saw a person who had faith in Jesus Christ who was walking, going to the high place in the place where the Creator God lives. Therefore what he wrote to them was just about what he had seen in his dream. This that he wrote is found
in a book called "Pilgrim's Progress" which has been translated into Ayta Mag-anchi by Silac Baclay. Jason Sibal and Roberto Mallari helped Silac. Anne West, Rune Cederholm and Fina Macaraeg spent many hours getting this. ready for publication.


In the Ayta Mag-anchi language this is called "The Life of Christian."

Biyay Ni Kristyano: The Life of Christian

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