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The men of the book are still there in the mines and lumber camps of the mountains; fighting out that eternal fight for manhood- strong- clean- God-conquered. And when the west winds blow to the open ear the sounds of battle come, telling the fortunes of the fight. Because a man s life is all he has, and because the only hope of the brave young West lies in its men, this story is told. It may be that the tragic pity of a broken life may move some to pray, and that that divine power there is in a single brave heart to summon forth hope and courage may move some to fight. If so, the tale is not told in vain. The author (born Charles William Gordon), 1860-1937, clergyman, novelist. A missionary, Gordon combined preaching and storytelling in his novels about Glengary.

BLACK ROCK: A Tale of the Selkirks by Ralph Connor

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