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For four months in 1885 the Lakota chief Sitting Bull appeared in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West show. Even before the Indian wars had ended, Cody was bringing the vanishing frontier to citizens across the land in one of America's earliest reality shows. It was so popular that it lasted for thirty years. BLOOD BROTHERS flashes back to 1876, when the Lakota wiped out Custer and his Seventh Cavalry unit at the Little Bighorn. Sitting Bull did not participate in the "last stand," but he was nearby -- and was blamed for it. From then on, he was regarded as the most dangerous man in America, even while touring with Cody.


Returning to Standing Rock Reservation after his tenure with Cody, Sitting Bull was killed five years later in the final act of the Indian wars -- as Buffalo Bill tried to prevent it. Continuing her journey through the American story, Deanne Stillman has unearthed little-known details about the two men and their tumultuous times. Their alliance was eased by none other than Annie Oakley, a Wild West star attraction whose trick shooting and personality captivated Sitting Bull. As the show traversed America, Sitting Bull and Cody formed an unlikely partnership, united in mutual respect and by their shared history with the animal that gave both of them their names. A timeless tale like no other, BLOOD BROTHERS is a story of two people from different cultures who crossed barriers to engage as human beings. It continues to resonate in today's struggles over the same land in the Great Plains. 

Blood Brothers (Sitting Bull and Buffalo Bill) by Deanne Stillman

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