copyright 1987; "The inside story of how a few good men became today's Marines"; St. Martin's Press, New York; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket good with very minor edge wear.


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It's America's boot camp, 88 days of drills, inspections, rifle practices, war games, grueling physical exercise and a regimen that separates the men from the boys...

Boot is an insider's account, told by a former Marine and veteran journalist who went back to Parris Island to see if today's grunt measures up to the crack troops he served with in the South Pacific. He follows the recruits of Platoon 1036 from Day One through every step of the rugged training that transforms raw recruits into a fighting elite. His searingly honest, you-are-there coverage brings these unforgettable weeks to life...and lets anyone who's been there judge for himself if today's brand of "tough" is tough enough for a real Leatherneck, a man proud to be a Marine.

BOOT by Daniel da Cruz

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