1984 first edition (mfg. code M10-1); Glasgow Company Ltd. publishers, Washington D.C.; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; dust jacket fair with edge wear.


From Foreword -

Brigate Seats far supasses a compilation of elegant menus and recipes.  It is a recounting of those unique elements of Navy heritage that have roots with this distinguished school - "Change of Command," "Frocking," "Dress Parade," "Commissioning."  Foremost, Brigade Seats is a testament to the professional excellence and personal trust Karen Neeb has given in supporting both the revered heritage and the Midshipmen who will carry it forward.


Content -

Contains many historic pictures of the Academy and its midshipmen. Includes menus and all of the classic recipes from the Gallery. Fifteen chapters arranged around events like the plebe summer party, a football tailgate party, Halloween treats, Christmas feasts, a rendezvous luncheon, color parade brunchleon, a ring dance dinner, graduation dinner, and more.

Brigade, Seats! The Naval Academy Cookbook by Karen Jensen Neeb

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