copyright 1915; Duckworth & Co. publishers, London; signed by "J. Welsh, Chief Officer, S/S Sauruistan (spelling?), Hong Kong"; hardbound; good condition for 1915 with unmarked pages; boards have minor edge wear; gilt lettering pretty good - see pics.


Description -

Excerpt from Broken Stowage Holds, Shipshape and Sailor-fashion, it is as well to have small packages handy. If the lading is of a miscellaneous character, it is all the more important that there be available some means by which variety in bulk may be packed securely and all made solid to withstand the labouring of the Ship in heavy seas. Billets of wood, dholls of coir yarn, packages of waste material - clippings roots - cork - all odds and ends of the markets are used in this way. Though not of much value in themselves, they are greatly valued by us as being the wedges and quoins that hold our cargo Sea worthy.

Broken Stowage by David W. Bone

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