1944 "copyright 1943"; Consolidated Book Publishers, Chicago; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages; previous owner's ExLibris sticker inside cover; dust jacket good with very minor edge wear.


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 A famour World War II figure, Seagrave, the son of American Baptist missionaries in Burma, where he was born, announced when he was a little boy he intended to be a medical missionary in Burma, which he became, eventually running a hospital and medical services in the mountainous wilds of the Karen region and continued to do so for Chinese and allied soldiers,under fire, at the height of Japan's drive though Burma. Seagrave was ranked as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army. His life and work were the stuff of heroes readily recognised. Born in Rangoon in 1897. He died in his hospital in 1965.

Burma Surgeon by Gordon S. Seagrave, Lieut. Colonel, M.C.

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