1974 printing; Paladin Press, Boulder, Colorado; hardbound; very good condition with unmarked pages and many photographs; dust jacket good/fair with edgewear and some tears - see pics.


Description -

A sudden realization of the thorough preparation for combat which will become an integral part of a Marine recruit's life strikes grimly home when he arrives at Parris Island and reads its motto - "Let's be damned sure that no boy's ghost will ever say, 'If your training program had only done its job.'"

But that training program doesn't end with boot camp nor does it end as long as the man is a Marine.  Training develops specialists, and every Marine is a fighting specialist, equipped with the knowledge necessary to qualify him for his important role on one of the world's deadliest teams. Wherever he may be, he is kept abreast of the warfare times, taught the battle techniques of tomorrow, and given confidence in his own proficiency - the proficiency of his Corps.

He is part of a team, trained to do his job in a coldly calculated war of scientific weapons and mass destruction. But the touted push button warfare has limitations, and they demand the individual's ability to meet his enemy face to face, steel to steel, hand-to-hand. Whether he is a radar operator, a communications man or a truck driver, he must be prepared to defend his own life in any eventuality. Close combat has been skillfully developed into a science of self-preservation - and the
advance of death-dealing devices does not preclude the necessity for a basic knowledge of hand to hand principles and confidence in their application.

Cold Steel: Technique of Close Combat by John Styers

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